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Not Enough Make Up by XannieCrab Not Enough Make Up by XannieCrab
You probably don't remember her, but this is BP-chan!

She doesn't have her wig or contacts nor she has 'enough' make up. She was merely a testing doll for me for practice and this was done yesterday when I didn't have internet.

<- drawn by me
-> drawn by =PositivelySuave

Please leave a critique, thanks.

Hey darling, here's a really bad critique from a guy that can't even draw properly, himself.
o u o
Well okay let's start. I'll start with the 'bad' things, though they're not really bad: it's mostly personal preferences of mine. I'll start from the bottom, then up to the top.
Firstly, the shoulders are obviously pretty rushed so I won't say much about them. They just need more shape, which they'd probably have if you had done it carefully, but I'm assuming that you just did it quickly. In a more realistic view, the collarbones aren't close enough. The way they connect to the shoulder is good, since I often forget to remember that collarbones are connected to the shoulder, not just.. floating there magically.
There's a little unblended white on the chest but I didn't notice that until very late into looking at this. So it doesn't matter that much.
The only flaw that I can find with the mouth is MAYBE the lower canines. They wouldn't really show that much in real life since they're pretty short and stubby for most people, and would usually be accompanied by the rest of the lower teeth if they were to show. The top canine teeth are usually the longest, and the ones that would show a little if the mouth was open just enough. But it really looks passable: this is just a tip for next time or in another picture.
The ears are nice, and the overall face, though she looks pretty young and cute here. That's not a bad thing but I always thought of her as a late teenager - maybe I'm wrong, but yeah, just pointing that out.
Her hand looks really nice and it fits well into your style. If you want a more realistic hand then just square the palm a little and add sharper edges to the wrists etc, but I really like these hands. I'm aware that you don't draw realistic and I'm happy with that; your style is really refreshing and unique to me.
Well, I'm done with 'bad'/average points. Onto the good.
I love the little details in your work. I mean, I know they're mostly just parts of the OC, but the earrings and hearts and eyebrows etc are really nice little additions, and all of the colours match beautifully. The eyes are so pretty, as always, with the little dots that remind me of galaxies and night skies. I also appreciate how the very center of the eyes (either pupils or shines?) are light green, rather than just a plain boring white, and the other shines are a very gentle blue.
Her hair is nice and detailed, and the shading is lovely; it's shiny but not so shiny that it hurts your eyes or distracts from anything. And all of the shading is so detailed and works well.
The eyes are what I looked at first, then the hearts, then I just gradually worked my way outwards. Honestly, I love her eyes. They're such a deep blue that they just suck you in right away.
The shading is lovely as always. If the lighting was more harsh, you might have wanted to shade darker under the neck - but for some reason, the gentle shading works really well with your style. It rarely works with mine; it just makes everything appear kinda.. flat.
And finally, the background matches her really well. I just adore the overall colouring and how every colour blends and works together.
Okay I'm done. >u>; Sorry for the spam.
I never know what to put on the star-ratings since I don't want to seem like a suckup, but I don't want to look insulting either.. ;w; so uhm I hope this is okaaay.
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PositivelySuave Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
... Oh and as I forgot to say it in the critique: Thanks for posting my art in the description ;w; You'resosweet.
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